I’ve heard it before and then many times after, but where this reflection on learning got engraved in my mind is during the training months at Skagit County Fire Academy.

“The day you stop learning and growing is the day you start dying”

That was a phrase one of our instructors shared as he encouraged us – a group of young and old volunteer firefighters. He and others reminded again and again to never stop learning, never think that you know it all. Even after graduation, even after years of experience, even after you become an officer or a Fire chief.

Life is about growing. Growing up. And growing old. Not just getting old. Jesus could have entered the world in many different ways, yet he was born as baby and grew up increasing(read: “growing”) in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and people. Luke 2:52

That’s the course of life. Time goes on. Babies turn into toddlers and toddler into young children. Our bodies and brains grow. But sadly as Paul once observed, and so it is today, there are Christians who remain infants in Christ. 1st Corinthians 3:1

Stalled physical and mental growth often results in various developmental delays and the damage is often irreversible. And so we take care of our health and the health of our kids, making sure that we grow. We do same in our professional lives. And in the areas of our hobbies and projects that interest us. However spiritual growth tends to suffer, since it’s limited to Sunday service or two, an occasional podcast and whatever we catch on the christian radio station on our way to work(if we even tune in). How much more important is our spiritual growth and development, and yet how little attention it gets.