Grow in the grace & knowledge of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

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The guy that shares his thoughts in writing.

Unplanned life is still a life

It’s not what you think about it, it’s not what they think about it. It’s what God thinks about it. If we keep relying on people’s thoughts on matters of life, we’ll be all over the map with opinions. Even the secular world we live in heavily relies in many areas on morals established by God, although they deny biblical principles as the source.

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Read the Word, Do the Word

6:30am.It’s still dark outside. Cars one by one pull into the parking lot. Coffee shop opens at 7:00, but today they let the group of young people in half an hour earlier. Smell of great coffee quickly awakens the mind. Edison style light bulbs light up a modern conference room. Russian and English Bibles of all shapes and sizes are spread out on the long wooden table. Modern day disciples of Jesus came to read the Word with the ultimate goal of doing the will of the Father.

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Who is called to grow?

We are broken people. Broken beyond repair. There’s no way for an improvement or update. And Jesus is the only solution to this problem. Through Him we are born again into a new family, with new hope and future.

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Grow or Die

I’ve heard it before and then many times after, but where this reflection on learning got engraved in my mind is during the training months at Skagit County Fire Academy.

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