I am a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ, a husband to my beautiful friend Karina and a father to three young children – Ellie, Joshua and Jonathan.

I worship and serve as an associate pastor at Woodmark Church in Kirkland, WA, where we practice the way of Jesus together.

Before 2021 I served as  Teens Leader and Director of Children’s Ministry in Slavic Gospel Church of Mount Vernon, WA.

I was born in Ukrainian city of Konotop about three decades ago. Grew up in a secular, broken but caring family. My biological father left the family when I was a three year old kid. My mom married again. And so I was growing up, as the older brother of seven younger step siblings.

First twelve years of my life I spent in the Sumskaya region of Ukraine.

As a seven year old boy I was introduced to church and loved it. At that time my mom came to the Lord through my uncle Andrey and began attending. I very well remember the kindhearted Sunday school teachers. I remember I was really surprised that somebody outside of my family showed so much care and attention. These two books were my introduction to Jesus and all the Bible stories. The Picture Bible & Russian Childrens Bible (Russian Edition)

My first sermon I delivered in front of my Sunday School at the age of ten. Although at that time I couldn’t even imagine that preaching and studying the Word of God will become a significant part of my life.

In 2003 our family moved to United States, in search for better life. We settled down in Mount Vernon, where our uncle has already been living for a number of years. Here in Slavic Gospel Church I grew up, served and started a new family.

In my younger years I came to know Jesus personally and committed my life to Him. At this church I learned about His love, grace, will and purpose for our lives. Thanks to many brothers who were my informal mentors from whom  I learned to study the Word of God for myself. The passion I saw in them inspired me to become part of Children’s ministry, work with young people, preach and evangelize.

I began working in Children’s ministry at the age of 16 as an assistant to Russian Language School, then taught Ukrainian classes. Eventually was invited to participate in serving the kids as a Sunday School teacher in 2009. Later in 2015 was elected as the Head Teacher of Children’s Ministry. And more recently in 2019 became the Director of Children’s ministry. I work with a team of 25 dedicated and talented teacher’s and helpers. During school year, I lead and teach a class of about 20 junior/senior high students.

Preaching, teaching, heading a family, leading, being part of a typical Slavic church in immigration, interacting with many leaders from various ministries, and just watching the world events unfold –  sparks a lot of thoughts and questions. This blog shall be the training ground and outlet for my writing on such topics.

I hope that above all, through my digital efforts the name of Jesus would be glorified as I grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2nd Peter 3:18